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Raw Mocha (with Dairy free option)

22 Sep

Once upon a time, I worked in a coffee shop.  This was not one of those big named, rigidly structured, seen on every corner shops.  This was a smallish mom and pop shop a little too far up the street from the university I was attending.  In this little shop, I was first introduced to something called Toddy, or cold pressed coffee.  Once I understood it, I was also given lots and lots of freedom to randomly create new and exciting drinks.

Ah, those were the days.

Today, I realize that coffee is not the best thing I could be doing for myself, but doggone it, sometimes I just want one.

There are some out there who have found ways of making their morning cup not only energizing (the right way), but also entertaining.  Check out bulletproof here.

Yeah, I’ve tried that.  Too much work.

And so we return to the cold pressed coffee.

I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel so guess what!  That’s right!  I am sending you away again!  Just don’t forget to come back once you have figured out how to make it!  Learn more about all the benefits about it here.

Just for information, I use this to make mine.

2013-09-22 10.32.432013-09-22 10.33.42

Some coffee shops carry them, or you can just buy it here.

I have to say, the quality of the coffee you use is actually pretty important.  Get the best, least toxic, single origin, shade grown stuff that you can find.  It is worth every drop.

Now once you have your cold coffee concentrate, you can make a great iced mocha, blended or on ice.  (I prefer mine over ice because the flavors are stronger.)

Raw Mocha (With or without Dairy)

1 cup coffee concentrate

1 tbsp good quality raw cacao powder (I get mine from Azure Standard.)

1 tsp. raw coconut nectar or more if needed for sweetness (available at health food stores or Azure.)

Throw those together into the blender and blend until foamy.

2013-09-22 10.44.162013-09-22 10.44.462013-09-22 10.46.48

If you are having it over ice, fill a 24 oz* cup about 2/3 full of ice.  If you want it blended, take the ice that you measured out and toss it into the blender with your frothy coffee.  Blend until nice and crunchy.  *If you only have smaller cups, just make it in a large bowl and serve yourself a couple cups with a ladle.

Pour into the cup and add:

*2-3 tbsp raw cream

Fill the cup the rest of the way with raw milk. (About 1/3 to 1/2 cup)

2013-09-22 10.48.482013-09-22 10.49.16

I know, my cups are a mess.  But they are well used BPA free cups with lids.  Essential for this momma of four!

*Dairy free option:

Fill the cup the rest of the way up with coconut milk or cream.

Stir and enjoy!

2013-09-22 10.50.13